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Why story is key

Hi, My name is Jake Day and I’m the creative Producer at Seabrook Day Productions.

So why does story matter? . A good story, can thrill you, excite you, terrify you, make you laugh, make you cry and leave you in shock. with film that all happens within the space of 90 minutes. There’s really no other thing like it.

But we must ask ourselves, how does film do that ?, and at Seabrook Day we believe in one answer and one answer only, Story.

Social realism is at the core of our work as is moral dilemma, if you watch our films and leave thinking about what you’ve just seen, we’ve done our job. We like to make you think was that right ?, would I have done the same ? Could they have been saved ? Influence comes from real life, the things we’ve experienced as people. Our stories are more powerful, because, you’ve probably experienced something similar yourself.

Story is the key, a great story makes a great film, there’s no other explanation. You can throw all the ARRI Alexa’s, Ziess Lenses, RED Scarlets and 4k footage you like at it, but those things won’t make your story any better. The power of great script doesn’t just fall from the sky, it rises from the imagination of its creators.

At Seabrook Day, we focus on making our stories as powerful as possible before we even think about how this would look in 4k, and we believe that those stories are made believable by the actors we employ.

Great idea = Great Story = Great Film.

We’re working on a project we’ll refer to as “The Grapes” it’s a feature, and our development research has led us in some exciting direction but the best part was, all our readers said the same thing “they love the story”.

So there we have it, what more proof do you need ? Story, Story Story. Nothing else matters.

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